No planes flying low

While Mike is away in Oshkosh, twittering like a bird on MDMA, Chuck’s at his home base flying his rc plane into the ground in little managable pieces. Careful, kids! Try this at home, and not at your local airport!

By the way, if you’re also in Oshkosh, you can meet Mike in the “Authors Corner 1 J12”, where he will be at the signing tables today (Saturday) 1330-1430, and Sunday 1030-1130. Say “Mike, is that you?” if you meet him. He likes that!

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3 comments on “No planes flying low
  1. Dave E says:

    Love this some comic!
    Stef’s comment made me laugh too. I think this is the first time I have heard someone say “Kids, try this at home…”

  2. Saw Mike on Friday morning, he was signing books like madness. Afterwards had lunch with him and then we all went watching the very nice airshow.
    So Mike is doing well, and enjoying himself!

  3. Oddball says:

    Even when you are not flying at an airport/airfield you still have to watch out for low flying aircraft. Almost had half a club worth wiped out by a flight of two low flying R.A.F Hercules until they split off.

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