Priming the stabilizer

We have a winner for our photo contest!

Man! This was a tough contest to judge. All weekend we’ve already been racking our brains because there were so many good and funny pics. And then the late entries made it even tougher!

But there can only be one winner for this contest so we chose the photo we thought was fun, exciting, creative, crazy, and cool all in one. It’s the photo posted by CharlieAT. So, congratulations CharlieAt, you won a Silver Chicken!

We have a winner!

Actually we liked all his photos so it was even hard to choose from within them. HOWEVER! This doesn’t mean the other weren’t great. Like I said, there were so many awesome ones that deciding this truly gave us a headache! Thank you all for participating and showing off all these great shots. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the entries as much as we did.

And we will have another contest very soon so don’t give up if you didn’t win this time.

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7 comments on “Priming the stabilizer
  1. Charlie says:

    You guys absolutely rock!!!

    Thanks Stefan, Michael and all the others who took part, there is some amazing inspiration there for even better photos. Also thanks to Laszlo, the pilot in this shot; the other jumpers are a team who were hard at training, while Laszlo and myself were just having a ball. Somehow there is nothing like hanging off the strut of a Cessna 4000m above the earth to make one really feel alive.


  2. Robert says:

    I had a whole Cessna 150 wing do that once. It was in a hanger with the door open on a calm day. Then all of a sudden whoosh and bang. I went to the terminal and checked the recording anemometer and found that there was a 50 mph wind gust that just came out of nowhere.

  3. Matte says:

    Is that a 3-way out of a C-182?
    Makes me want to start flying ragwings again…wify will not let me do my PPL ;(

    Damn you Charlie!

  4. England says:

    “Snort”, humans do, do some zany things – like jumping out of perfectly serviceable aeroplanes. However if Chuck was the pilot, my horse sense would have me joining them. But it would have to be from a C130 and not from a C182, for I’m a lot heavier – then even Hans.

  5. JKelley says:

    @England –
    It’s useful to bear in mind that I kept tossing myself out of aeroplanes even after I’d gotten my pilot’s ticket.

    But I think you’re on the right track with Chuck – if I knew he were going to be the command pilot, I’d probably not go up in the first place…

  6. Techlogsigner says:

    I almost had a Boeing 747 inboard aft flap doing this to me once. We had to change it outside on a windy day and the thing is as big as a Cessna wing. It was just luck that four mechanics were able to jump on it rugby style and could hold it down with their combined body weights.

  7. ThunderClaw says:

    he should have had it so the flat side was up then it would have had a negative AoA and the wind would have pushed it down

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