Top Gun Influence

I think a lot of you folks, who are in a similar age range as us, will be able to identify with this strip. I certainly do! My brother and I watched Top Gun as kids to the point where the VHS tape was already wearing out. And to draw Chuck’s room, I could basically resort to the memories of my own childhood room. Except that I didn’t have a TV in there.

I don’t know if I really learned something from the movie though … did you?

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8 comments on “Top Gun Influence
  1. Quill says:

    Chuck’s eyes? I always assumed he hatched with aviators on. Or maybe that’s another thing he learned from Top Gun?

    Wonder what new bad ideas he’ll learn from Top Gun Maverick? Of course that would depend on it being released before he retires, which at this point I’m not so sure of. I suspect by the time it’s actually released its main subject – fighter pilots – will be obsolete as all air combat will be drones by then.

  2. Before Top Gun I used to wear my father’s old flight jacket with multiple patches on it. I loved that jacket and wound up replacing it with a new one when I outgrew it around the age of 16.

    Then Top Gun came out and, while I still wore the jacket, I was getting rather over being told I was a “Tom Cruise wannabe” 🙂

  3. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    “Top Gun”? What’s that? I never watch telly, I never go to the movies.

  4. Pidgeon says:

    On the small local airfield, back when I was a teenager, there was a flight instructor who told us a story of how he greeted a new batch of flight students back when Top Gun was released:
    – Has anyone here seen Top Gun? (most students raised their hands)
    – Has anyone seen Top Gun twice? (a number of students raised their hands)
    – Has anyone seen Top Gun more than twice? (a couple of students raised their hands)
    – OK, you two, you should really reconsider the plan to become a pilot. I suspect that you have a completely wrong idea on what flying is all about.

  5. Ray L Rivera says:

    Love the opening theme by Harold Faltermeyer (without the guitar overkill. Just the synthesizer and the bells)

  6. JL says:

    i learn that you aparently can ride a bike without helmet while shaking your fist at taking off jets


  7. Harro says:

    The second picture, in Chucks room, brings back memories. We all dreamt – I think we all have been like that at that time.

  8. Yawnitz says:

    Wow. Chuck had a TV and VCR in his bedroom as a kid?!

    My wife had not seen Top Gun before, but bought it for some reason. We watched it last week.

    It had been MANY years since I last watched it. I don’t think I knew exactly what that movie was going for. I didn’t know the F-14s were just a conduit, and not the point of the movie.

    Also, I thought Iceman was a real asshole when I was a kid. His behavior was actually kind of awesome, as it turns out. Always giving good advice, though it is often un-asked for. He was also genuinely concerned while grieving with maverick.

    Also, MiG-28s. Lol!

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