Patch collection flight jacket

Leave it to Chuck to come up with an oversized jacket just to make sure he can fit ALL his patches on it. I wonder how many of them are TOP GUN patches, lol.

Speaking of patches: If you are into aviation patches, take a look at my side project, our affiliate and Chicken Wings dealer in the US, AVIATORwebsite.

AVIATORwebsite Patches

Besides the Chuck and Julio Patches we made for our 20th anniversary, you might recognize a bunch of Stef’s artworks in many of them. We have commissioned him many times already for a bunch of different squadrons. As kids growing up in Austria, we would have never imagined we’d be mixing it up with the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels one day. I think it’s really cool. The only bummer for me is that the F-14 Tomcat and the SR-71 disappeared. I could have gone a few more years seeing them at airshows and Stef would have loved to draw designs for them.


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One comment on “Patch collection flight jacket
  1. Kopets says:

    Just to mention: when Chuck was a kid, there was an arcade home video game which must have been his favourite – “Top Gun” on Dendy 🙂

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