There is a lot of literature out there for Certified Flight Instructors about positive reinforcement. It sure is an important part of the teaching process. When your student is struggling, it’s often best to keep reinforcing the ultimate objective rather than pointing out the negatives. From my own experiences I can honestly say it’s not the easiest technique (pointing out all your students mistakes is just so easy to do) but the most effective.

I don’t know all too much about puppies, but it seems Julio does and the system might work almost the same way. I guess I consider myself lucky (or successful?) that I have not been swatted by a mechanic with a newspaper (yet).

On another note: It’s been 20 years since Chuck and Julio were born. What do you guys think of posting a few additional strips to celebrate?


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5 comments on “Reinforcement
  1. That long? Oh wow! Clearly Chuck still needs a spot of discipline to align with expected outputs 🙂

  2. Felix says:

    20 years and Chuck and Julio are both working for a charter airline still? (Although splitting those two up would be total disaster, both for the comic and the new employers) Looking forward to many more years of these two fellas yelling at each other.

  3. J Segal says:

    Usually, people (chickens?) in many professions retire after 20 years. I wonder if there’s a strip idea in that…

    Sounds like a great idea, and congratulations on making it this long! How about a few strips from previous anniversaries, including the not-often-seen first-strip-ever-made?

    By the way, I can’t ever remember seeing a newspaper used like that in this industry. Rulers, sure, and I’ve rapped the wrists of students with a sectional in a couple of rare cases before; but a newspaper is new to me. I do remember that the (arguable) king of the newspaper-type trade publications, old copies of Trade-a-Plane – where, coincidentally, I found out about this comic – were usually large enough to knock someone out.

  4. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    20 years surely requires some kind of celebration. Myself would prefer an extended drink; but as a plan B, some extra strips would do very well. Looking forward!
    The drink could perhaps be at Friedrichshafen 2022 – if that comes?

  5. ThisGuy says:

    One of my gliding instructors used to flick some water at the back of your neck to get you to pay attention on things like looking outside. Certainly effective in doing that.

    I don’t think anybody here would object to a few additional strips

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