Grounded aircraft

Okay, so prepared this post yesterday and and tried to write a thoughtful and balanced blog about the whole subject of climate change and the future of propulsion in aviation and then the website crashes and I lose it all. And then I had to rush and now I finally get around to post yesterday’s strip. Sigh. Anyway, I just wanted to re-write the main closing point: I know it’s an emotionally charged topic for some people, but please don’t start a war in the comment section. Be polite and courteous! I would really be interested in hearing the opinion of people who know more about the issue of the future of aircraft engines than me. (Which is easy, because I know almost nothing about it.) Will there ever be a viable alternative to fossil fuels in airplanes?


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9 comments on “Grounded aircraft
  1. Quill says:

    Before we even attempt to face the decarbonization challenge in GA, the first question is getting the lead out. We’ve been talking about unleaded avgas for decades, supposedly it’s finally for sale at a few airports, but I’ll believe it when it’s actually replacing 100LL on a significant scale, and when my flight school says to actually use it in their fleet.

    As for Hanz, he’d probably be more excited that his fleet isn’t burning any fuel, saving money (also not earning money but that’s beside the point).

  2. Karl Winters says:

    Shoulda had the old Glory Days framed pic of Hans respond with a face palm in the last frame.

  3. Fbs says:

    Yes, there is and this is called e-fuels. For other reasons Porsche just invested 75M€ in a prototype plant in chile (because you need lots of electricity and there are constant winds in that place to run windmills non-stop)

    But before that, SAF will help…

    In europe, global bioenergies is working on aviation non-fossil avgas

  4. Fbs says:

    You also forgot about another bright side on grounding roost air fleet : Chuck will not break anything during that time, considerably lowering maintenance costs…

    • Franck Mée says:

      Don’t say that, he might think it’s a challenge and break something anyway… 😉

    • ThisGuy says:

      A lot of damage to aircraft happens in ground handling or equipment hitting aircraft while the aircraft is stored/stationary. So the fleet being grounded is definitely NOT a guarantee of nothing breaking, just a change in the type of damage.

  5. Mo Davies says:

    We have used unleaded avaition fuel at Bagby Airfield in Microlights for more years than I can remember. The problem would seem to be certifying GA aircraft to use it.

  6. daVe says:

    SAS are supporting the Heart Aerospace ES-30 aircraft programme, s. and .

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