Daylight Saving Time

“I’m sure this was invented by a man” was actually something our mom used to say quite frequently. Mostly in a negative context, haha!

I have to say, I’m on the fence regarding the usefulness of daylight saving time. I lived in Japan for a while and they don’t have it over there. I didn’t miss it. I think I would prefer it if we’d just stay at winter time here.

Before I had kids, the effect of switching was net zero. In the fall, I enjoyed being able to get an extra hour of sleep and in spring it was the opposite. But with little kids, suddenly BOTH switches suck. In the fall, you don’t get the extra hour of sleep, because your kids wake up at the usual time, and in the springtime, you lose an hour anyway.

It also doesn’t make things easier that different countries switch at different dates.

Anyway, I’m rambling. And I just noticed that Sally says it wrong. It’s “saving” not “savings”. That wasn’t on purpose, haha! But it fits, so it stays. Maybe that’s why Sally gets confused about the meaning of “savings” …


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3 comments on “Daylight Saving Time
  1. Keith says:

    No comment, I’ve offended myself just with my unspoken thoughts about the idiocy of daylight savings which frankly was only proposed as a joke. Thus it’s a reminder to me how gullible and low iq the average of the species is. >:(

  2. Fbs says:

    And Sally is a blonde, isn’t she ?

  3. Mike B says:

    Except in (most of) AZ, where we don’t change our clocks, we change TIME ZONES (MST to PDT).

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