Cleaning the hangar

As an inspiration for today’s strip, all I had to do was look up from my drawing table and take in my surroundings. Although there’s a much larger percentage of papery stuff and fewer model planes than in Chuck’s case. Also, it’s strictly my own crap, which makes it easier to a) tolerate and b) still be able to find things.

One of the better investments I made was a slightly tilted drawing table. Although I still manage to fill it up with crap, the amount of crap and the height of the various piles I can construct on it is limited by gravity. Also, it is set right underneath my window, so sometimes the wind just blows half of the stuff on the floor, from where I pick it up and put it on another table. Well, you get the picture!

About twice a year I get a cleaning fit and tidy up my office, which usually is almost a full day job, haha.

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