Just go and leave

I always think it’s funny when Chuck takes Julio literally. Not sure if it is coincidence or not but it usually only happens when it works in Chucks favor. It’s a strange world …

Who of you know the game “Airport Madness”? We got into it recently and promptly proceeded wasting a bunch of time directing air traffic across the little runways. It kind of put me behind on my own TPS reports. My current day-job has so much paperwork going along with our daily flight operations that it really comes in handy when there isn’t a fire every day which gives me time to catch up on my TPS … I mean … OPS reports. I used to think “Office Space” was a funny movie until I started working for a big corporation myself, HAHA! That sure is not something they tell you in flight school. Even a small operation like Roost-Air has it’s own fair share of paperwork. Let’s see how this plays out for Chuck …

What other cool quick aviation online games do you guys know?

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3 comments on “Just go and leave
  1. Joshua says:

    The skygamblers series for ipad i think are the best. The have ww1, ww2 and modern aircraft.

  2. Denton says:

    I’ll second Joshua. Those are fun.

  3. Rob says:

    atc-sim.com is a fun online atc simulation.

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