I’ll be right there!

Have you ever dealt with people who lose all situational awareness the second they get dialed in into their device, whatever it may be? It funny, we’re so connected all the time but don’t even listen to each other anymore, which Chuck is demonstrating here so flawlessly …

I actually enjoyed the few weeks we had this year fighting fire in the woods without cell reception and internet. We spent the little downtime we had with telling stories and playing games and ended up with a really tight crew that works together well. But getting back into civilization every night was rough, getting hit with emails, phone calls, and everything all at once. It makes it way more obvious how often we “connect” on a daily basis.

Talking with some aviation safety guys the other day they said that accidents related to “device use” is extremely on the rise. Pilots play with their phones and the internet until the early morning hours and then show up to work dead tired. This just may be the next new thing after “8hrs bottle to throttle” …

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2 comments on “I’ll be right there!
  1. Jan Olieslagers says:

    8 hours? I was taught 24! Not that I care in the least… Captain’s discretion!

    As for the online addiction: yes it is bad, a worrysome phenomenon in society. When I tell people I have no Facebook (neither Twitter or whatever else) some, genuinely puzzled, ask me how I keep up friendships…

  2. reynard61 says:

    That’s why I rarely take any of my electronics outside of my home. (Other than an old tablet that I use as a dedicated .mp3 player if I know that I’m going to have a long wait for an appointment or something.)

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