Three for the price of one

We sent this strip to some magazines, but were debating if we should use it on our website, because it’s one of those with pilot gobbledygook that may not be easily understandable for pedestrians. But then we thought, why not! So, if you have no idea what the guy in the tower is saying in the last panel, here’s the explanation:

“ELT” is short for “Emergency Locator Transmitter“, which is a distress radio beacon that activates automatically in case of a crash. It sometimes is set off when a landing is too rough. “CAP” is short for “Civil Air Patrol“, which is the civil auxiliary organization of the US Air Force which engages in Search and Rescue missions (among many other things).

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5 comments on “Three for the price of one
  1. Cataput says:

    Thank you, I did need to be told what ELT is. I figured out CAP for myself, but only after dealing with the first abbreviation reminded me that all comics dialogue is in block capitals.

  2. Tampa says:

    Chuck seems to me like one of those pilots who look like they got no clue what they are doing, but when push comes to shove they are exactly the thing you need. He seems to save up on the F***s to give for when he really needs them.

  3. Rwill says:

    Never had CAP show up on our field, but I have gotten calls saying that were picking up an ELT at our location. So I would get out the hand held radio and go searching around the hangers and would find the offending ELT in a recently hangered plane. I once set one off during an annual and didn’t catch it for a little over an hour, but nobody must of caught that one.

  4. v says:

    Thanks for the preemptive answering of my inevitable question 🙂 Much appreciated.
    It’s a bit surprising, maybe in some sense disappointing, that he only goes up to three 😉

    Can’t wait to read more real-world stories like this 🙂

  5. HappyBappyAviation says:

    CAP to the Rescue! As a CAP cadet, this is seriously true and I find it funny that CAP has popped up two or three times on this site. It makes me proud to be apart of it.

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