Going to Miramar

It seems Chuck has found another victim … I mean … buddy to enjoy the airshow with. Let’s see how Nobu will handle hanging out with Chuck or if he is ready to kill him by the end of the day like Julio is. Who all of you friends of the coop are going to the Miramar show? Unfortunately I will have to skip it since I have to work the weekend with the California Fire Season still being in full swing. I am bummed since I love the Miramar Airshow especially watching the Blue Angels perform. It is probably no coincidence that Chuck also likes the Blue Angels.

Speaking of the Blues: We happen to have a few original “Blue Angels” patches in our other online store AVIATORwebsite if you guys are interested. They are a few extra patches from our friend who makes them directly for the Blues so they usually are not available in stores. Check them out!

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