Driving to the air show

Have you ever been riding in a car with somebody who doesn’t pay attention? Think we all might be able to relate to this one. My favorite is when I sit in the back seat and the driver keeps turning around half way to talk to me. So far my scariest experience with was in Athens with the cab driver telling stories, constantly yapping away on one of his two cell phones yelling at the other end in Greek. Finally the other pilot asked the cabby “Hey! Are you a stock broker?”. The guy said “No. Why?”, so he finished it off with “Then get off the phone and drive the damn cab!” Haha!

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9 comments on “Driving to the air show
  1. Stevie says:

    How come that Chuck drives such a nice and new car? 😛 Good to see I have something ik common when it comes down to driving and when a plane or helicopter comes by. Haha.

  2. WadeMoeller says:

    It’s the law of the GA hangar parking lot.

    The mechanic drives the vehicle that really shouldn’t still be moving under it’s own power but never seems to die.

    The co-pilot drives the sensible semi luxury sedan.

    The pilot drives the most expensive sportiest car that can be bought from a major manufacturer, or at the one closest in appearance to that car.

  3. reynard61 says:

    How the heck does any reasonably good pilot confuse a BAe Harrier (short, stout aircraft with equally short, high-mounted, swept wings) with an Aero L-39?! (Small, rather sleek, low-mounted straight-wing aircraft.) They both have rather distinctive shapes.

  4. mike says:

    Is Chuck really confusing his aircraft makes and models? Is Chuck just to excited to see straight? Distracted because he’s also driving? Or is Nobu just messing with him?
    We might never know……

  5. Moose says:

    Did you actually just use the phrase “reasonably good pilot” to describe…Chuck?

  6. reynard61 says:

    @ Moose: He seems to be able to take off and land both fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft and walk away from same without doing horrendous major damage to them. (Though I’ll admit that his cockpit administration skills need a bit some a lot of work.) Sounds like a “reasonably good” pilot to me…

  7. SAS7 says:

    Yep, Chuck can land the Cessna at least but he can’t taxi it…

  8. eekee says:

    Yesterday I learned I can’t even taxi a 172 in a game.

    Granted, the game was Flight Gear (aka FGFS), an open source project which like many others takes itself faaaar too seriously.

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