Driving to Miramar II

Of course the Blue Angels are one of the main reasons for Chuck to go to Miramar in the first place. I’ve never seen them at a show, but I did see them in real life once. It was 2008 and my wife (at the time girlfriend), my dad and me were visiting the States for Mike’s wedding. After the wedding, the three of us went on a short trip around California.

And just when we were at the scenic spot in San Francisco, where you can get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Blue Angels were flying across the bay in close formation! It was really cool and I was very excited! When I turned to my girlfriend with a big grin on my face, asking her if this wasn’t absolutely awesome, she said something like “yeah, nice.”

I married her anyway! 🙂

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7 comments on “Driving to Miramar II
  1. Charles says:

    It was Fleet Week.

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    Love that “I Married her anyway”

    I have seen the Blue Angels practicing several times, but have never been to an air show. I used to deal with a customer who had a repair garage across from Belle Chasse NAS. They didn’t get much work done those days leading to the show. I also saw then practicing from a greater distance down in Pensacola. When they were doing a show recently here in DFW I was under the flight path in a Cycle Gear store while it was going on. Didn’t see much of it but boy oh boy did we hear it!.

  3. Trantor says:

    I´m not so into gunporn, more into vintage piston and helicopters, but of course i totally love airshows. Last month were Hamburg Airport Days, and the best thing to me was the Breitling Super Connie taking off from Rwy23 and turning sharp left under full throttle and visible exhaust fire, right over my head, no more than 400ft! Now THAT`S sound!
    Can´t wait for the Lufthansa Connie, it will be fully (re-)certified for passenger service. I will give everything to get a flight on that one!
    And that dog in the red car cracks me up! 😀

  4. mike says:

    I love the dog in the red car. It’s supposed to underline that Chuck is kinda doing the same thing…

  5. kkrummy says:

    We did the Cleveland National Airshow for 32 years with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds alternating years. The Blues based out of BKL where the show was held but the Tbirds based out of CLE because of a bird strike crash they had back in the 70’s while departing the show, which cost them a pilot. Got to get up close and personal with the team and their aircraft over the years. Never got a ride though.

  6. SAS7 says:

    Mike: Me too! But the dog probably wasn’t planespotting while driving before that.

  7. eekee says:

    I’ve seen the Red Arrows a few times, almost entirely when I was a kid. Didn’t see them for a couple of decades, but a couple of months ago they flew right over my house!

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