Oshkosh control tower

Well, Oshkosh is in full swing again, and unfortunately, my brother and I aren’t going to make it this year either. But we hope that everyone who’s there has a great time! Be sure to post some photos in our Facebook group or our forum, if you can!

And from where I am sitting, the weather over there looks pretty nice! I just measured 37°C (98°F) in my office right now. I really prefer the hot time of the year to cold, but I wish my boss would make me work less in these temperatures. Alas, that’s the fate of the self-employed!

Today’s strip is based on a true story, by the way. It didn’t happen in Oshkosh though. But you have to ask Mike about the details!

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6 comments on “Oshkosh control tower
  1. Jared says:

    Just yesterday we had A/C installed in our home, and my home office is now quite livable. 🙂

  2. Trantor says:

    Yup, “security”, my *ss… Same with nuclear facilities. Refining plant in Hanau – Pizza Guys can even DRIVE from entrnace to the HQ. Their vans aren´t even LOOKED at.

  3. reynard61 says:

    Nobody gets into the tower…


  4. I hear that the people who know most about Google’s facilities best (besides themselves) are the nearby pizza guys, so this might be more universal than it seems.


  5. Zipi says:

    Same as the “Pizza Guy”. When I was in the Navy a pizza delivery truck/car could get access to any pier on any base.

  6. SAS says:

    So, Mike? What happened? Seems interesting… Thanks!

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