Locked computer

I guess I’m lucky that a) nobody ever gets close to my computer, since I work from home, and b) that I managed to surround myself with polite people who would never think of touching my computer without asking.

I remember that, in the old days, when computer were just becoming popular, it was more common to just go on somebody else’s computer and do whatever with it. I vividly remember self-appointed computer experts changing system settings or installing software on other people’s computer without asking. Nowadays I think that’s almost unthinkable. Same goes for smartphones. Only one person ever took my mobile phone out of my hands without asking, to play with the settings. What can I say, I’m not a confrontational person, and we were just talking about phone settings, so I just let him have at it, but still, it was a bit of an awkward situation.

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3 comments on “Locked computer
  1. Fabo says:


    Oh man.

    I can’t wait to post this on a certain flightsim forum. Oh, the flamewar will be sooo entertaining. “Not just *some* flight sim. It was X Plane 10!”

    Oh my god, that’s just flamebait gold 😀

  2. Speedsix says:

    Feels so good to see X-Plane in the front rank of flight sims now. I have been using it since version 5 or 6 and I always was laughed at from fellow simmers because of the rather simple graphics back then. Well, X-Plane has come a long way since… 🙂
    As for Julio´s original problems: There are some USB dongles that make your computer effectively non- accessible if you don´t authorize yourself with them.

  3. SAS7 says:

    Speedsix: Now you can laugh at the people who still use FSX!

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