Password protection

Our dad used to be a teacher at and later the principal of a technical school here in Austria. He always used the password “work” for all his computer stuff at school and said it was probably the safest password to have, because it’s a word that none of his students has ever heard of.

I guess now you can guess where my brother and I got our sense of humor from!

Nowadays, of course, you wouldn’t get away with a password like that, because the software forces you to choose a word that’s at least 30 characters long and contains at least a capital letter, a number, a special character and the name of an Sumerian god.

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3 comments on “Password protection
  1. JL says:

    And thats why every single time i get my ass lifter from my chair .. be at work or at home (specially at work) i lock my computer..

    if you dont spect horrible stuff to happen very fast (in the case of work they changing your profile photo is the least of your worries)

  2. Zipi says:

    My password at work is CommonSense because no one around here has ever tried using that!

  3. FreeFlier says:

    The better programs allow the name of Egyptian or Babylonian gods as well.

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