In the loop

If you look on YouTube you will find that people out there are looping Cessna 172’s, yet mostly without chickens in them. So please don’t go out and do that because you’ve read it on Chicken Wings!

I have only done aerobatics in a plane once in a Decathlon. The closest I usually get in a helicopter is doing “Ag-Turns” flying frost and such. Most of my exposure to aerobatics comes from working with Chuck Aaron, the Red Bull helicopter guy. From him I know that, at least in the Red Bull helicopter, it is very important to have the right CG set up to make the show go down properly or it won’t work at all.

I like how Chuck is the “I-don’t-know-what-I-am-thinking-before-I-heard-what-I-was-saying” kind of type 😉

In other news: Our contest is still running! (click here) You have until next Tuesday to submit your Chicken Wings drawing! And it would be nice if everybody else would take a look at all the entries so far and cast their votes via “liking” the ones they like best!

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