Let’s sit in that helicopter!

It’s that time of the year again where Chuck sneaks out so he can be at the international Heli-Expo. Of course in true Chuck-fashion, he will have to sit in every helicopter on display there to check it out and collect all the helicopter pens he can carry.

Do you guys think Hans told him to go out and buy a new helicopter for Roost-Air?

If you happen to be in Orlando this week, stop by and visit with our friends from “Vertical Magazine” at Booth 5828. They have free helicopter posters and you might even find a comic about Chuck in their free Show News not yet seen online. Sometimes they even have beer there (remember, no flying afterwards!).

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4 comments on “Let’s sit in that helicopter!
  1. Trade Fair Leech says:

    Probably Chuck’s understanding of trade fairs is racing from booth to booth, preferrable sitting in some aircraft, but definitely taking all the free stuff from every exhibitor.
    I already see him walking home loaded with at least four bags filled with flashlights and usb sticks… 🙂

  2. mike says:

    You really know our Chuck well, HAHA 😉

    Check out what he did at the Helicopter convention 2 years ago:

  3. Bernd says:

    Maybe I’ve missed the announcement, but speaking of fairs, will you be at AERO in Friedrichshafen this year? Weather permitting I hope to fly there for the first time, but it’s quite a trip in an 80 KTAS Morane from EDLI.

  4. SAS7 says:

    Either that or he’ll put all his swag in one helicopter’s cargo hold and fly off with it.

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