Busted out window

At the company I’m currently flying for we recently switched everything to iPads. They are a great tool and the “Foreflight” app is pretty much the best app ever invented as far as I’m concerned. Another cool invention was that on some fires we can get the fire map as overlay on the iPad to navigate around the fire which is really handy on a big California Fire with many Branches and Divisions.

But we have to keep two iPads for every machine on hand, just in case one goes out on us. We also have to make sure we keep them in the shade so the iPad doesn’t overheat, so we can’t keep them in the aircraft sitting in the sun. Then there are the chargers, the need to keep them charged at all times, and most of us still have their own iPad as well. Additionally our old machines have hand-held GPS’s with a mount for the cockpit. It’s a lot of technology to keep track of to compensate for having just one paper map 😉

Ah, the modern day conveniences… gotta love them!

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4 comments on “Busted out window
  1. Gonzo says:

    An you also wonder… do people include those gadgets in the W&B calculations?? My Flight bag is getting heavier and heavier…

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    Michael, I’d still carry the Paper Section Chart and the Paper cheat-sheet with the radio and VOR info for the airports. Then it really doesn’t matter if the iPad takes a dump, you can switch over.

    I still carry a recent Thomas Guide or other paper map in my car or truck, even with the GPS in the Smartphone or Tablet. Paper still has it’s advantages – No batteries required, no internet connection, no unexpected crashes or reboots, can’t overheat…

  3. FotoJunky says:

    I have seen paper charts overheat… it is called a fire… 🙂
    But seriously: Like Bruce when flying I love to have my ipad with a great app for flying, which would also do W&B calculations, even for planes with multiple fuel tanks.

    I always carry a paper chart (but I am too lazy to draw a line on it) and a paper overview of the most important calculations, headings, radio frequency’s et cetera.

    (Even though I have a backup of my ipad in the form of an iphone.)

  4. MsSusan says:

    Greetings from Caliente, Nevada !
    How are you? Where are you?
    I’m wearing my favorite “Panaca Jane” t-shirt today. Did you know… folks here still talk about the “Panaca Jane” logo. My finances are better these days. If you have any left-over stickers or shirts, I would be willing to take them off your hands. Let me know. I’m still a fan of your cartoon. Sincerely, Susan Devroy, The Spare Tire, Caliente, NV 775-726-3611

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