Mobile clear glass whiteboard

Watching TV I always notice that every cool crime show, action movie, or military show involving any sort of elite government agency or special forces team has to have one of these glass boards. I’m sure they’re great for filming because you can show the guy drawing on the board way better than on a classic white board where you would have to film the back of the actor with him/her blocking half the board. I thought to myself “I bet this is something Chuck likes, since he is into all kinds of action movies especially if there is a chance they might have a plane or helicopter in it!” (and let’s face it, for a movie to be called “action movie” it has to have at least one helicopter scene).

We didn’t really know what these boards are even called and after a few google attempts found the name to be “mobile clear glass white-board” which I personally think is already funny in itself (what, no shorter descriptions?). So now that it’s here at Roost-Air and Chuck is way excited about it, possibly having bought it with his own money, it’s here to stay …

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4 comments on “Mobile clear glass whiteboard
  1. Bo Lindbergh says:

    If it’s clear, it can’t be white, so that’s an oxymoronic name. “Clearboard” works better but is probably somebody’s registered trademark.

  2. Jan Olieslagers says:

    Oh well, someone will term it an MCGWB. Being a trademark is no issue, don’t the English talk of Xeroxing and of Perspex cockpit glazing?

  3. Deja Moo says:

    They used to use those in the Navy, in CIC (not the mobile ones).
    They’d write and mark backward so it could be read frontward from the other side, where the officers could see it.

  4. Dave says:

    Your “random” button is broken, and has been for years. It works once in a session, then always returns to the first randomly selected comic. I have confirmed this in Firefox and Opera.

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