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I don’t own a GoPro camera, but then, I live a rather uninteresting life with little opportunity to use one. Also, I don’t even find the time to sort through all my photos, so I imagine I would have even less time to go through videos and cut them, etc. I am glad that so many people out there use those little cameras though! I got more than one good adrenaline rush from watching GoPro footage on Youtube. Interestingly, I get more knots in my stomach and sweaty hands from watching people climb skyscrapers and construction sites than, for example, watching footage from a motocross track.

Anyway, it’ll be a couple of decades until we’ll see footage from Chuck’s corsair, so in the meantime, if anyone of you has a great GoPro video to share, please post the link below!

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6 comments on “GoPro camera
  1. Bernd says:

    It’s not technically a GoPro, but rather a much cheaper Chinese version, but it works very well.

    Not sure what counts as a “great” video, but here’s one of flying above the clouds under VFR:

    I almost shot an interesting one of entering Erfurt (EDDE) CTR under Special VFR with low ceiling (800 AGL), but even before takeoff I knocked the camera down with my arm so I’ve got 80 minutes of high-quality 1080p footage of the rear seats.

  2. How ’bout a slightly different GoPro video from the crowdfunded rocket engineers at Copenhagen Suborbitals ? The GoPro camera isn’t in a lot of moving action in this one, but the camera is being thoroughly blasted by a failure at a rocket engine test and yet managed to record this video surviving the inferno of a rocket engine. Note at the end of the video they show how the GoPro looked after the blast (I think GoPro gave them a sponsorship for the unique demonstration 😉

  3. passerby says:

    Considering Chuck’s skills at assembling and piloting planes, the camera will double as a flight recorder.

  4. Magnus Danielson says:

    FAA would ceize the camera after Chuck flying into any major airport, as evidence.

  5. Waner says:

    Great video that you shared. What model is the camera used?

  6. HappyBappyAviation says:

    My first solo in a Cessna 172, shot with an iON camera (a competitor from the UK). Here it is:, enjoy!

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