Turn right and descend

Always stay polite, that’s half the ticket! And if I may seize this opportunity to brag about my son: He’s not even two years old, but he’s already very polite and (almost) always says please and thank you. Of course he has already realized that his parents sometimes have a hard time resisting when he’s asking for something, and he usually goes for the cute and polite tone of voice instead of being loud and annoying.

The only thing he hasn’t figured out yet is what is in our power to give and what isn’t. For instance, he’s always asking us to see a hot air balloon in the sky. It’s something we saw one day, and he was so fascinated that barely a day goes by without him pointing at the sky exclaiming “Haifon! Bitte!”. Which stands for “Heissluftballon, bitte!”. He’s also asking us for more tunnels on the roads or to make the pigeons coo.

And he also loves all kinds of machinery. Which is funny, because although I am technically interested, I am by no stretch of the imagination a motor freak. But the little guy just loves tractors, cars, excavators etc. and especially has to comment on every motorbike he sees. He also points at almost every plane he sees and says “Uncle Mike!”. Well, we’ll see what the future might bring, but I sure think we have a future pilot of some sort at our hands …

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3 comments on “Turn right and descend
  1. kkrummy says:

    Or, God forbid, an engineer… Ausgezeichnet!

  2. falstro says:

    I was sort of expecting chuck to go, “descending 23,000” just to — for a short while — be allowed to imagine that his cessna would go high enough to descend to 23,000.

  3. ahennema says:

    Is your son named Chuck? 🙂

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