The terrible two

The terms “the terrible twos” and “threenager” etc. don’t come out of nowhere. I only have two years of experience as a parent now, but it is amazing to witness your kid go through how the various stages of mental development.

We have this one book that detailed all the development phases in the first couple of years, when you can expect your kid to be clingy or moody or just crying all the time. And our first kid passed those stages like clockwork. Now we have entered the terrible twos. Dun dun duuhn! However, so far they weren’t that terrible. If our kid keeps behaving according to international standards, we’ll have some terribleness in front of us though. But apparently that phase is extremely important, so we’ll have to tough it out. It’s not like we’d have a say in it …

Anyway, Hans having the experience of kids going through the terrible twos may be the explanation how he keeps Roost Air running as a business after all these years!

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4 comments on “The terrible two
  1. Pete says:

    The twos are easy. It’s the terrible threes that get you. At 2 they don’t have the verbal skills that develop during the threes, along with a bit of knowledge about the power of words,especially “NO!!!”

  2. Denton says:


  3. RG2Cents says:

    Had three kids and went through them three times… Looooooooong ago…

  4. RG2Cents says:

    That is, went through the terrible two’s three times.

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