About to crash

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you all had a a good start into 2016 (and haven’t been staying in a hotel in Dubai or something). As you can see, we’re kicking off the new Chicken Wings year with a post titled “about to crash”. Good thing we’re not superstitious!

In fact, we actually have a couple of projects lined up this year. People who hang out in our Forum or Facebook group may have picked up on the rumor that we’re in the planning stages of a new book. It’s about high time! So I hope you will all stay such great and loyal fans and keep reading the shenanigans of the Roost Air crew during this new year (and of course the years to come)!

By the way, today’s strip harkens back to the couple of strips we ran last summer. Looks like the clear glass whiteboard is still obstructing the Roost Air office and Julio is taking drastic steps.

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