Rule number one

I wonder how many “rule number one”‘s there are out there. In aviation, this certainly is the most important one, of course! Unless you’re not on the controls, or a passenger …

Last weekend’s Vienna ComicCon was great, by the way! I have posted a couple of images in our Facebook Group. I later found out that the girl I’m posing with on one of the pictures is a real X-Wing pilot! I wish I had known, I would have asked her for flight lessons …

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2 comments on “Rule number one
  1. ThisGuy says:

    Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. The holy trinity of aviation. And as a flight instructor once told me: As long as it has wings, its still an airplane. Something I would add from personal experience. BREATHE. As long as you are not about to smash into the ground, just take half a second to take a deep calm collected breath. It makes a world of difference. Suddenly you have the time to assess the situation and take calm deliberate action instead of just panicked reaction.

  2. eekee says:

    The thing that most surprised me when I first played a flight sim was just how much time you have to breathe.

    …Or to make a sandwich between takeoff and operational altitude, assuming you’ve set the sim’s weather to easy-noob-mode. 🙂

    Hmm, should I try to get to an air show or a comic con this year? Choices, choices…

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