Are we there yet?

This comic strip would be the perfect starting point for a fully-fledged philosophical exposé on how there are always different sides to every story, how perception shapes our realities, how different realities can coexist, and how important empathy and the ability to see things through other people’s eyes is. One could then draw parallels from personal relations to societal discussions and even international relations and investigate why sometimes it appears that our empathy seems to be stifled on purpose by so many issues being framed in black and white, or good vs. evil, or us vs. them. Do those simple narratives pander to our simple minds? Or are our minds being kept simple on purpose, because otherwise the age-old strategy of divide and conquer would be less effective? And if the latter is the case, who’s dividing and conquering?

Alas, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also, I prefer talking about these things over a beer, not on a comic website, haha!

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2 comments on “Are we there yet?
  1. Jan Olieslagers says:

    This place does look like a virtual pub with (alas) virtual spirits – and ever more so over time.
    Not wishing to enter upon the more philosophical main theme.

  2. arrowblue says:

    Of course we’ve got time for that.

    It’s fascinating how many aviation oriented people are out there who also possess minds which question the world deeply, especially themes which are barely discernible to the population.

    Most pilots are not of this philosophical bent, but this kind if thinking is over-represented among those who long for the sky.

    Many aviation enthusiasts love satire, question the various overt and covert powers that rule the world (and unfortunately the sky,) and have that flavor of perception which Stef has displayed here.

    I have met many smart people. There are many types of smarts. Contrary to my intuition, smart does not equate fascination with aviation. But Contrary to my intuition, every Great Mind I have met did indeed have a love and good knowledge of aviation, and either were a pilot or really wanted to be.

    And there’s a difference between “smart” and a Great Mind. I have met very few Great Minds.

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