Chicken Wings Classic – What’s your type?

It’s time to throw in another classic. This one stems way back to the beginning when the chicken strips were just passed around the office and long before websites, books, etc…
The “Chuck, is that you?” phrase was just barely coming to fruition back then but we knew already we wanted to keep it going. And to be honest, we still think they are funny. By now the black&white strips have just about disappeared from the internet but you can always get the whole collection by buying Book No. 1.

It’s hard for me to look back at some of the old jokes we had done because I can tell we just barely got into the groove on how to properly set up a 3-panel joke. A few stories are literally how they happened and therefore a little disconnected before we figured out hot to properly twist and cut them to fit the format. I guess it’s probably the same feeling an old actor must feel when looking at his or her early work. But I like to compare the old material to our newer stuff and see how much Chuck and his friends “have grown”, so to speak. My personal favorite Chicken Wings book out of the bunch is still our fourth book. Maybe there will be a new favorite soon? 😉

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