Yearly evaluation

As the year is drawing to its close, ’tis the season again. And no, I don’t just mean the season to be jolly, but the season of flashbacks, best of’s and reviews. As I watch very little TV recently, I haven’t seen a single TV show like that, yet. And I will try my best to keep that number steady!

I will wait with my personal yearly evaluation of 2015 until it is really over. After all, I still have an open lottery ticket. Just the other day, I won € 1.50 (which I promptly spent on champagne and caviar of course), so anything is still possible! But even if I don’t hit the jackpot, I can already say that it was a great, if somewhat busy and exhausting year. I’m optimistic I’ll somehow manage those last couple of weeks with style too.

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2 comments on “Yearly evaluation
  1. Robert says:

    2016 is already looking great because I have a new red Roost Air cap on the way!!

  2. Parand says:

    Tomorrow I have my examination by the german BZF 1 and 2. As I heard, Germany is the only country who does it.

    Stay “UNSUBORDINATE” Chuck!

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