Building an RV II

It seems Chuck needs to work on his sales technique. Although he certainly has enough enthusiasm to be a good salesman, he somewhat lacks the ability to identify or arouse a need in the person he’s pitching to.

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4 comments on “Building an RV II
  1. Riley Montean says:

    Did he forget about the Corsair?

  2. Magnus Danielson says:

    Chuck was happy with a project where Julio would do all the work and he got all the fun. the Corsair endless project is that, endless.

  3. Fbs says:

    Now that julio declined the offer, next step is to purchase van’s training kit (a toolbox) to learn riveting.

    Since Chuck will be broke with the purchase, be will have to borrow julio’s tools. Obviously, more fun to come…

  4. Speedsix says:

    Could it be Chuck has given up on the Corsair, because somebody may have told him that a pilot like him sooner or later probably will bend even the wings of an aircraft as rugged as an RV?

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