Julio’s parts room security

I have worked for many operators over the years and seen many different ways of how they deal with aircraft parts. I have encountered everything from small operator parts rooms where you just walk in and sign out your part, to massive operators where the internal system is so sluggish it takes you almost a day to get the part after filing your way through numerous TPS reports and parts requests. “Parts trace-ability” is a big word in aviation and in my mind very important.

Either way you want to go though, one thing I have learned is that it is never a good idea to let pilots in a parts room. Especially when you have Chuck as your pilot! 😉

Also, I really like the pink child gate Julio put on the door in 2004…

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4 comments on “Julio’s parts room security
  1. WadeMoeller says:

    Saw this one in Trade A Plane a month or two back. It got posted on the office wall, along with Julio adjusting Chuck’s playlist.

    I thought the child’s safety gate in the second panel was the best part.

  2. Rwill says:

    I would of thought the child’s safety gate would of kept most pilots from getting in.

  3. Catapult says:

    I would have thought that shooting trespassers might deter a few of the survivors.

  4. SAS7 says:

    I for one thought that the ” Pilots must Sign at Front Desk ” sign would deter Chuck.

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