Borrowed Halloween costume

Halloween costumes are getting more and more amazing. The effort some people seem to be putting into trying to look like a corpse is baffling to me. Some people, of course, need more effort than others to begin with. Personally, I think I wouldn’t need a costume this year to look like a Zombie, because I’m just living through the most sleep-deprived stage of my life right now. As some of you may have heard, I’ve become a father for the second time, a few weeks ago. And it’s amazing at how being drained and exhausted, while at the same time being happy can be taken to an even higher level than with one kid.

Well, anyway, we wish all of you zombies, corpses, witches, ghosts and monsters out there, real or not, a very happy Halloween!

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2 comments on “Borrowed Halloween costume
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    congrats on your sleep deprivation!

  2. stef says:

    Thanks, JP! 🙂

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