Janet Airlines is hiring

The recent Facebook post this week about “Janet” Airlines hiring a pilot made us think that Chuck obviously would be all over that as he is with every new and exciting aviation adventure. We had many ideas to the subject yet knowing that we really can’t let Chuck actually fly for them.
Janet_Airlines_PatchBut what exactly would make him a bad candidate? After looking at the requirements, we saw that he technically meets most of them. And while looking at the requirements and talking about what kind of job this would actually be in all reality, we came up with today’s strip. Of course to Julio this was obvious right away …

We actually have ONE JANET PATCH procured through Aviatorwebsite and our closeness to Las Vegas for those of you who are interested and/or are patch collectors. These are really hard to get and the new PVC versions just went to the airlines a few weeks ago allowing for more detail in the patch and for a “glow in the dark alien”! How cool is that?!
Available in US shop if you are quick.

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2 comments on “Janet Airlines is hiring
  1. mike says:

    Ok, sooooo…
    The one patch already went, but you can get them here (only 2 left) on this website:

  2. Magnus Danielson says:

    Happy to see that you took this thread up. Let’s see how it plays out 😉

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