Where did you find the extra money?

It’s raining cats and dogs here right now. Weirdly enough, when I’m really busy and have tons of work, I like this kind of weather. Because it means I can’t do any other things like gardening etc., since I can’t leave the house (I’m allergic to dogs and especially cats). That means I can really focus on my work with a clear conscience.

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One comment on “Where did you find the extra money?
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    Our company kept scheduling mandatory safety meetings for Fridays at 10:30 AM.
    This was just a bit annoying to those of us on the night shift as we worked from 1:00 PM to Midnight, Monday through Thursday.
    I never went to one, and when asked I offered a compromise of meetings held at 3AM Sunday mornings. For some reason no one wanted to come in on their day off hours before their normal schedule for these meetings … especially the management, then our supervisor told them they needed to pay at least 4 hours of overtime to make it worth our while to come in like that outside the normal schedules as well, and nothing more was said.
    They have had two recent ones held Thursdays at 11am with free food, so those of us on the night schedule did come in early and left early and got grilled Burgers and Hot Dogs one time and catered Italian food the second (Olive Garden …okay for a franchise, great when free).

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