Date debriefing

Poor Chuck. As it turns out the chick was just into him because she wanted to sell him something. I had high hopes for Chuck this time around. But with this new life lesson learned he will move on I’m sure.

If we can learn one thing from Chuck, it should be how he gets up with a great attitude every morning ready to conquer the day. And how he never gives up or gets discouraged. OK, so it’s two things we can learn here.

And if there is one thing we should NOT pick up from Chuck, it’s his technique for landing a plane with tricycle gear …

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5 comments on “Date debriefing
  1. FlyingAce says:

    Figures, she *did* think Chuck would be loaded, being a pilot and all… 😀

  2. Awesome says:

    Are any of us truly surprised?

  3. Yawnitz says:

    I’m kind of surprised. She thought a civilian pilot actually has money?

    Aviation industry: Doing more for less longer than anyone else ever would.

  4. Jason Thorn says:

    I’ll bet it’s such a fine sight to see.

  5. mike says:

    @ Jason: Ha! Good one! – we should have added that line 😉

    @Yawnitz: A lot of non-aviators think pilots make a lot of money. When I was flying out to the oil rigs, the guys on there thought I was making 300k+ since a crane operator on an oil rig makes 100k – 200k. But it turned out that even the guy doing the dishes on the rig made more than me…

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