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The one that got away

Unlike Chuck, I was never any good at hitting on women. Okay, maybe that’s worded poorly. Chuck isn’t really good at it either, but it seems he enjoys the challenge. I was always more of an awkward and nervous dork.

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Date debriefing

Poor Chuck. As it turns out the chick was just into him because she wanted to sell him something. I had high hopes for Chuck this time around. But with this new life lesson learned he will move on I’m

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Airplane comparison

Leave it to Chuck to open with one of the oldest jokes in aviation. Of course this particular trick probably did work the best before the invention of smart phones. At least he would have been able to make it

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A table for ten

What a great idea! I have to try that the next time I take my wife out for dinner. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes you end up in a restaurant that’s just too packed, where you rub elbows

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