Airplane comparison

Leave it to Chuck to open with one of the oldest jokes in aviation. Of course this particular trick probably did work the best before the invention of smart phones. At least he would have been able to make it through the whole date, maybe even several.

Yet for some strange reason this girl still seems to be into him. We will see where this is going. I sure wish him the best.

Would you guys like to see Chuck have a girlfriend?

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9 comments on “Airplane comparison
  1. Fabo says:

    Oh, she must still think pilots are loaded!

  2. Kim says:

    if John Arbuckle of Garfield can have one surely Chuck can, at least he does actually fly planes, and several types too (which makes me wonder why he didn’t at least point her at the Twin Otter?)

    Great strip, I love CW!



  3. Charles says:

    Does that mean a C-5 is the smallest airplane?

  4. Ed says:

    Crashed and burned on the first one, wasn’t pretty.

    We need to get him and this girl out on the ramp inspecting the wheels, then you can tag it chuck, chick, check, chock.

  5. Luigi says:

    As long as Chuck doesn’t start about the price of avgas, then it’s fine :p

  6. Yawnitz says:

    Aw, come on, Chuck! Don’t try so hard! You got this far, now just try being honest!

    It would be nice to see Chuck have a girlfriend. Oh, the hijinks that will ensue! Not to mention how Alex, and the others at the airport will react.

  7. reynard61 says:

    I’m kind of torn. Yes; Chuck needs someone to keep him “grounded”, as it were. But I’m also concerned about what kind of hit the chicken genome might take in the future.

  8. v says:

    She got booted out of a restaurant because of him, and she is still with him. I think it is unavoidable now.

  9. SAS7 says:

    Ahh… Chuck could really show off if he bought a Cessna 190!

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