Well prepared

For all of you not flying commercially, “the FARS” stands for “Federal Aviation Regulations”. These are the rules all of us fly by and Chuck SHOULD as well. When you start your flight training, your instructor usually doesn’t start teaching you the regulations and about how much you actually need to know until a few lessons in as to not discourage you right away, HAHA!

I remember being somewhat shocked about how many rules there actually are. And I continue shake my head every now and then since the rule books keep getting bigger.

This strip actually came from a time when I was training a new 135 pilot for our company while an FAA inspector was observing me. The AC was not working that day, or just not very well, and we didn’t have our conference room available. So I conducted the training in one of our little offices. I actually got in trouble for doing that since the rules apparently state that the company needs to provide a comfortable environment for classroom training. Of course you have to really look for those rules as they are buried in training manuals and the FAA’s own bible, the 8300 Inspectors handbook. I had never even thought about any of this before since after flying fires in the woods and the desert, ANYTHING with a chair and a little shade is already what we would consider “comfortable” in the helicopter business. But the inspector came from a United Airlines background and wanted me to conduct my training for one guy in a 3-helicopter-company exactly as United does for their 100,000+ crew.
I forgot the exact issue and how it was resolved but it was probably by making sure the inspector didn’t break a sweat next time he came to inspect us …

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2 comments on “Well prepared
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    the FAA guy I once had waiting on a charter pilot flying for the Federal Reserve really didn’t like my comments on some of the stupid things he came up with.
    As I was just some schmo working the line he really couldn’t do anything to make my life miserable.

  2. Yawnitz says:

    Chuck must be some kind of closet bad-ass. He still has a job. He ALWAYS seems to find some way to pull through in the end!

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