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AirVenture 2014 has begun! Unfortunately it began without us this year. “Slight” scheduling conflicts (like me working in Greece this summer for example) have kept us from going. But we’ll see what next year brings. Once you have seen AirVenture, you just have to keep coming back. It’s hard to explain if you have never seen it. But I can highly recommend that every aviator or aviation aficionado make the pilgrimage to OSH at least once in their life.

At least Chuck and Julio made there this year. Is it just me or does this strip look very much like “the calm before the storm”?

Oh, and please! Everybody who made it to OSH please share pics and adventures on our facebook page or in our forum!!

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6 comments on “Camping with friends
  1. John says:

    Yep…calm before the storm….You definitely are NOT parked in the north 40, as all the pavement attests! Your cessna, as drawn, is too modern to be parked in classics (and still too much pavement!).

  2. George says:

    What brings you to MY neck of the woods (Greece)???
    Keep up your great work!

  3. ryan says:

    I’m there now! I was hoping to see you! So far having fun and my feet are sore! Not much in the way of electric planes like I was hoping but I am still uncovering huge areas!

  4. Bruce Bergman says:

    Electric Planes? I didn’t know they made extension cords long enough… {Barrrrump-Bump!} 😉

    If anything, I’d be looking for LNG or Propane – should be reliable enough for aviation use. A Hybrid Electric would work – the batteries would be for takeoff power, and landing in case the engine quits. And you could put the little turbogenerator anywhere, like in the tail to tame the CG Gremlins.

    Maybe Biodiesel or BioJP, but the oil would have to be specially processed and certified tightly enough to keep the FAA happy, so there goes any savings.

  5. Awesome says:

    Bruce, at the last airshow I went to, I saw two special VeryEZ’s – one was diesel, the other was jet-powered.

    As far as electricity is concerned, didn’t Burt Rutan build a stratosphere-flyer that was solar powered?

  6. Ryan says:

    The Sonex jet has distracted me now. I want one! Can this be hiw Chuck gets into jets? Can ‘t be cool without the speed of a jet! It might even get him of his Corsair!

    But there is one electric plane, an ultralight, in the ultralight area.

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