As a wing walker, I imagine you must have to breathe exclusively through your nose, or at least have to keep your teeth shut at all times. I can only imagine the amount of insects that bounce into you during the average flight! And I guess bird strikes would absolutely have the potential to be fatal. Well, it’s a pretty risky job in general. So I guess it’s wise of Chuck to try a “dry run” first, before going all the way.

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2 comments on “Wingwalking
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    My Grandpa Kalishek and his sisters were Barnstormers in the Golden Age. Wing walking, parachuting, and hanging from ladders to trasfer to another plane etc … and people wonder why I am slightly fast on a motorcycle.

  2. Awesome says:

    Not sure if this will show up, but I got to see this last year:

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