Move the tree

Poor Chuck. There he goes and picks out a beautiful tree that fits perfectly into the hangar and now he has to move it into the tiny chicken office. I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the exact layout of Roost-Air but they do not have a grand front office and flight desk facilities Million Air has. Who of you all in here has worked for a tiny operator like Roost-Air before?

Well, Christmas is approaching fast and I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done already. We are still receiving orders and we will send them all out as soon as we can but please keep in mind that by now the postal services are probably too overloaded to have them delivered in time for Christmas Eve. In my case, for example, it wouldn’t matter since “my chick” and I are both working and we’d have to celebrate later. Oh, the joys of making a living in the aviation/fire/emergency profession …

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3 comments on “Move the tree
  1. Magnus Danielson says:

    Typical of Chuck to actually do something with a good intent, and then fail due to his usual lack of thinking it through.

  2. reynard61 says:

    That office looks kind of *puts on Cool Shades* cooped…

  3. JP Kalishek says:

    I’ve worked for small two FBO companies … Transit Aviation and General Aviation Corporation at MSY (New Orleans International). Transit remained in business despite the ownership. I think they eventually sold out (wanders off to look) Yep, Signature bought them out. They had the SouthWest Airlines fueling contract, and lost it due to poor performance. Then General Aviation got the contract and I went to work for them (Someone at SWA had notified me of what was going on before things were official … The Owner of Transit lied to my face in some attempt to keep me for what ever reason) and helped them decide who would work at SWA and who they just moved over to FOB work (I actually told them to not hire those, but they tended to give anyone a chance … they ended up eventually firing anyone I told them to avoid hiring).
    GAC took MSY from bottom quarter of the system to #1 (6 months with no fueling related delays, most flights per day of those stations without delays) then in late 2003, they got bought out by Atlantic Aviation. Atlantic got rid of the capable managers and kept the bad, by March 2004 I saw the handwriting on the wall then had an issue with our manager and left.
    After a few calls to the guys I worked with and hearing the horror I can only wish GAC was still in business and I worked there. Atlantic did as SWA predicted (“Who bought you out? Atlantic? We should just cancel the contract right now.” is never a good sign) and by early 2005, MSY was back down in the bottom third of stations.
    Before my current job started paying enough, I did apply at two places in Ft Worth. One was a smaller place and although they professed joy at my previous experience they never called back. The second is Texas Jet and they twice claimed they were going to hire me, even having prove my towing ability (A Marine King Air in a hanger 200 yards away? No problem) then go take the physical and then they again never called back. I checked with my contacts and the first never did a background with either place, and the second got a favorable reply from my supervisor at the second (they were told the story and asked not to ask the manager).
    Oh well.

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