Cut it down!

Merry Christmas from “the coop” everybody! May you all have all your wishes come true in 2015 and find time to spend the holidays with your families and most of all, be happy in doing what you’re doing!

Again, Chuck is applying logical thinking here. Well … at least what qualifies as “logical” in his little bird brain. I bet most of you have ever thought of the square footage for presents before.

I think the last 3 strips have shown us again what CRM is NOT about. There were a lot of communication errors and misunderstandings and maybe Chuck and Julio will learn from this. On the other hand, Roost-Air is also like a family and as far as I know there are no families out there without constant communication errors and misunderstandings …

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3 comments on “Cut it down!
  1. Magnus Danielson says:

    Had Chuck been smart, he would have ceased the opportunity to increase the net square footage (yuck, just saying it in flintstone units hurts) by putting the top part in another foot and he would have two trees and more space for presents.

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    one year, 35 or so ago, my grandparents on Mom’s side decided that one of the three trees beside their house was the perfect Christmas Tree. So Grampa Tony lopped the top off, leaving the rest of the tree looking like Chuck’s. For years it sat there topless until the other two got bigger, and finally it was cut down. At the time the three were about 15 feet tall (er, 5 meters) and now the two trees left are quite tall .. maybe 60 or so feet (18 meters or so).

  3. RG2Cents says:

    I’ve heard it said somewhere that “Christmas aint Christmas until somebody cries”.

    Here’s hoping all of you are exceptions to that rule and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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