Smooth engine

Whoa! It’s Tuesday! I totally lost my track of time the last few days and just discovered that I should upload a comic strip for you guys today! The last week was a bit chaotic. First I was sick, with a sore throat and fever, perfectly timed for Christmas eve, then my wife got a little bit sick, then our son… in fact half of our extended family is sick with the same symptoms. Add to that the normal Christmas madness and you can see how somebody like me, who’s starting off with a basic state of confusion and bad time management can be thrown out of joint.

So, please forgive the delay! I hope you enjoy our last strip for 2014! We wish you all a great New Years Eve, a good start into the new year and that all your wishes for 2015 may come true! And we hope to see you all on the other side and that you’ll keep reading the Chicken Wings antics yet to come!


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3 comments on “Smooth engine
  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for another great strip, best whishes for you and your family

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    Chuck, lost? Inconceivable!
    Wait … who’s this long-haired Spaniard leaning in?

    Happy New Year Y’all

  3. Capilee says:

    Very funny comic! I guess he is in the Tijuana TCA. Lolz! This is epic!

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