Is this a Chance Vought F4U Corsair?

Well, it seems Chuck has survived “Cyborg Monday” unscathed! We hope you did too, and that none of you got injured during Black Friday either. The discounts in our shops are now phased out, and we have sent out (almost) all the packages already. Thanks again to everyone who ordered!

But even though no physical harm has come to Chuck, now he gets his feelings hurt again, poor fella.

Oh, and I apologize for the fact that the Corsair doesn’t look quite in scale again in this comic. But if you have ever seen the impressive sight of a Corsair in real life, you will understand, that it’d be impossible to fit it’s humongous fuselage in the picture if I didn’t scale it down a bit. I do that with the Twin Otter too, by the way.

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7 comments on “Is this a Chance Vought F4U Corsair?
  1. rwill says:

    So it’s just a small Chance.

  2. spacer says:

    I noticed, in the second Planes movie, that Skipper appears to have been scaled down, perhaps in order to let him interact indoors with the other characters.

    …that or Sparky left him in the dryer too long…

  3. Speedsix says:

    1) Anybody remember “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”? The P-40 that Skycaptain flew was not too true to scale as well.
    2) Good for Chuck he did not lose his heart to the SB2C Helldiver. Some Navy pilots interpreted is as “son of a b*tch, 2nd class” and I donĀ“t think Julio would be too friendly with it either.

  4. Magnus Danielson says:

    The “Corsair F4U” body that Chuck got is similar but not actual F4U to make shure that Chuck stays out of air in anything but the Cessna everybody knows is Chuck.

  5. Saskfan says:

    On the bright side, Chuck is returning the tools he has borrowed.

    Rwill: better a small chance than a fat one.

  6. reynard61 says:

    The interesting thing is that Vought (in a slightly different form) is actually still in business:

  7. flyingfisch says:

    I was wondering how Chuck’s Corsair was coming along! Looks pretty good considering Chuck.

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