Exciting and adventurous flight

Another day, another try! But I’m sure that Julio is spot on. After going on maintenance flights with Chuck more than once, he is probably the most qualified person to judge the excitement level on the seat next to Chuck.

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3 comments on “Exciting and adventurous flight
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    Never trust a pilot who has his name on the door of his 152 Aerobat upside down.
    (I knew this guy in N.O. with one and yes, he had his name on the door upside down. He entertained the Tower by loitering around and doing touch and goes on what ever runway was available in the clear time)

  2. KenH says:

    I think he’s confusing “excitement” with “Terror”

    Chuckles should be prohibited from flying windup airplanes

  3. rwill says:

    I had a flight like that once. A customer came into the shop with his airspeed indicator not functioning. I told him at that time of year it was a mud dauber in the pitot tube, and I just had to blow it out and it would work just fine. But no, he insisted that I go on a flight with him so he could show me that the indicator’s needle did indeed not move. So we went up, with a simple take-off, down-wind, and landing never leaving the traffic pattern. God, the things that went on in those few minuets, never have I more feared for my life, it was just incredible. So once back on the ground I blew out the mud dauber, handed the paper work to the guy at the counter, and disappeared. I did not want to get roped into a post manit. check flight.

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