9 comments on “Don’t push that!
  1. Jan Olieslagers says:

    If you have a person on board that you would rather get rid off, either you are paid for it, so you better stomach it, or it was your own choice so it only shows your flight preparation was less than perfect. Better shut up about that, too.

  2. Ryan Leeward says:

    Escape pod on airliners to put unruly passengers, so you don’t have to divert to kick them off.

  3. Speedsix says:

    I drive school busses. I leave the rest to your imagination. 😀

  4. RG2Cents says:

    I hear ya, Chuck…

  5. JP Kalishek says:

    theaters, (I stopped going years ago, but I toss it out there for those who still do)

    Remote controlled ones for those slow vehicles in front of you while you are in a rush, or going r e a l l y s l o w in the fun corners when you are on a motorcycle.

    The boss’ chair when he gets all micromanaging.

  6. mike says:

    Do you fly for a living, Jan Olieslagers? 😉

    I gave your suggestion some serious thought and considered shutting up. But then I realized it could mean there would be no more Chicken Wings strips. I then thought this might not be fair to the many thousand visitors we get on this website every day who enjoy our stuff let alone my brother and I who really love making people and ourselves laugh by making them. So I decided to soldier on and poke fun at the industry we both love.

  7. mike says:

    Love your comment, Speedsix!!
    I can almost see another strip in there….

  8. Jan Olieslagers says:

    Mike, sorry to have upset you – a thousand apologies! No, I certainly don’t fly for a living. And when I mentioned “shutting up” I meant “when a pilot”, I musty admit I took this for self-evident which it obviously wan’t. After all, the story is about a pilot annoyed with pax, isn’t it?

    Do keep up the good work and do keep poking fun!

    BTW I recently tried to send you a little bit of little idea, isn’t that sufficient proof of my appreciation of and support for your efforts?

  9. mike says:

    Come on, Jan! You haven’t upset me, HAHA!
    Just messing around. You realize this is a humor site and you’re going up against a pair of goofballs, right?! 😉
    Sometimes a post gets my attention and I feel the need to comment. Kinda figured there was a language barrier maybe….
    Was your idea the one with the 172 and the iPads? I am a little slow in responding. Lots to do after being gone for so long. Sorry

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