6 comments on “Success
  1. Yawnitz says:

    Julio’s wingman sense must have been tingling to show up from the hangar to sort Chuck out.

    I did get a good laugh, though! It’s probably similar to what would happen if Lucy actually let Charlie Brown kick the football.

  2. Andre G says:

    Are we in the presence of female Chuck? Either that or the holes in the cheese aligned finally for Chuck? Anyway it goes, I really want to see where this goes!!!

  3. sparkplug54 says:

    If you ask a question you should listen to the answer. Therefore, don’t ask me, “How are you?”, unless you want an answer.

  4. Awesome says:

    Um…….. It’s May second, not April first. 😛

  5. Ryan says:

    The only way this can get better is if she has some inherited Corsair parts in her garage!

  6. Awesome says:

    Or she has an A6M3 and they’ll be bitter enemies. 😛

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