Bad timing

Whenever you’re working on something, be it a car, plane or other machine, or when you’re cooking or doing repairs in the house, there’s nothing better than having a henchman who’s actively thinking along and ahead, and already has the right tool ready for you when you need it. My father in law is a great example for that. Working with that man is a pleasure! And no, I’m not sucking up, I don’t think he reads this blog!

Chuck isn’t doing that bad either here. And I am sure most of us would probably have walked away at the same point.

I also try to be a good henchman whenever there’s a call for it. And an important trait for an henchman is to know your position. Don’t wander off trying to do something else productive, but rather focus on your supporting role and facilitate the main person’s work. Oh, and don’t give too much or uncalled for advice. Execute orders faithfully… Are there “commandments for good henchmen” out there? Do you know other important points?

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5 comments on “Bad timing
  1. Antares says:

    Most important for a henchman: Always manitain availabiltiy of enough coffee!!!

  2. Speedsix says:

    For most points you could also say “secretary” instead of “henchman”. – Or even “wingman” as in aerial warfare. Staying close and following your leader thru every maneouver, ready to protect him, when need arises. Still, I fully understand Chuck´s last reaction.

  3. Jan Olieslagers says:

    Best is to have a henchwoman – beautiful and sexy and what not, after of course meeting the prime criteria. Still her position on Julio’s last issue should be the same as Chuck’s, even if temptation might presume otherwise.

    And, yes, Chuck’s ideas AND behaviour are beyond reproach this time – there goes our lasdt certitude!

  4. Like we useta say back at good old Nowhere (Northrop) University:

    “You can always tell an aircraft mechanic-they wash their hands BEFORE using the restroom!” 😉

  5. The Oldest Tiger says:

    Obviously Julio’s never heard of “freestyling”.

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