Angel flying low

Every year the Strasser family converges for a traditional skiing trip in Salzburg, Austria. This includes, obviously, a lot of traditional skiing, traditional visits to the sauna, some traditional beer and a lot of traditional jokes being told and traditional fun being had. It’s all very traditional, as you can see.

Anyway, this means that the next few comic strips will be re-runs of older, and classic, you might even say traditional, material. I hope you will enjoy them anyway!

Our skiing trip also means some service interruptions in our online shops, and that it may take a while until some of your comments below the strips are approved. Please bear with us!

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2 comments on “Angel flying low
  1. tone1point1 says:

    Ha-ha even before I saw the strip I knew it was going to be about Chuck and a lady. Poor guy, we need to find him a girl.

    Skiing in Austria, that sounds so posh, like something the Royals would do. Reruns are fine, Gilligan’s Island has been in reruns for nearly fifty years and folks are still watching.

  2. stef says:

    Skiing in Austria is posh! Slightly less posh when you’re Austrian, then it’s just the cheapest option, but we just pretend we’re royal!

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