Hard to kindle

Happy Independence Day to all our American readers out there! Hope you all have a great holiday! Here in my neck of the woods, there’s no holiday, but perfect barbecue weather. It’s a shame those two conditions don’t always match.

But it seems the gang at Roost Air has everything they need for a great barbecue. Good weather, some burger paddies, real hardwood lump charcoal, to give the burgers that special flavor, and a time-saving kindle strategy …

To all our British readers, our sincere condolences to losing that pesky colony!

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5 comments on “Hard to kindle
  1. Fbs says:

    With the numbers of barbecues we’ve started with avgas at the club, I’ll probably die of a cancer. 100LL includes lots of nasty stuff..

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    AvGas is nasty stuff – Liquid Oxygen is much safer and a whole lot faster, you can have those coals ready to go in literally seconds – as long as you provide a lit punk or cigarette as an ignition source as you’re pouring a gallon of LOX over the big stack of charcoal, otherwise you just built a nice little charcoal bomb.

    Oh, and a Foundry Suit and full hood is a good idea – dress up like Damage Control on an aircraft carrier. And you want your gallon can for the LOX pouring on a really long handle. You also lose quite a bit of volume in the process – it turns 100 Pounds of charcoal into 30 pounds of ready-to-cook-now coals.

    Final caveat, no cheap stamped-steel barbecues, they can’t take the heat. You want something welded of 1/4″ Plate Steel meant for public parks.

  3. Awesome says:

    I want to party with Bruce.

  4. JKelley says:

    04JUL1992. Elmendorf AFB, AK.

    The job? Clear out the ordnance locker – lots of pyro goodies.
    By a peculiar quirk, I was the only individual with a Pyro ticket and explosives-qualified on post – everyone else was on leave.

    Civilian fireworks displays just aren’t that much fun anymore, y’know?

    Oh – and Bruce? Sounds like some BBQs I’ve been to (and one or two I’ve hosted…)

  5. Denton says:

    I have always wondered why fly-in hamburgers always taste a little funny.

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